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제목: Finding Your Heart of Worship
본문: 요나 2장 (Jonah Chapter 2)

[INTERACTION]  Instagram isn’t real.  
You’ve heard this before.  Right?
Behind each, unique, picture-perfect instagram,
there’s a little bit of made-up truths
and covered-up realities.
I found these instagrams on the Internet
with their truth-telling counterparts.

1) This person titled it “My Workspace”
Looks so peaceful.  
He’s got a miniature globe next to his laptop
There are pinecones around – to remind us that it’s winter season.
It just makes me want to study in that room…
Singing Christmas carols.
But in reality, No!  
In this setting,
I would hate to study in that clustered room.
I would die from cat-allergy
How about this one?

2) Awesome Level-5 Yoga move!
But in the full picture, it’s not that impressive.

Rather than pointing finger at others,
I want to come clean.
I know, I’ve done it.  I am guilty of it.

[ILLUSTRATION]  Pic of Isaiah in Cubs Gear
This was a successful instagram post that I received tons of likes.
It took me like entire 5 minutes to come up with that caption.

This was back in 2015 October,  baseball post season for the Chicago Cubs.
So I dressed up my son in Cubs.
Here, it looks like he’s motivated
and cheering for the cubs,
but he wasn’t!
I had to take like 10 pictures to get the angle right.
The worst was this awesome cubs jacket
that I picked up from a garage sale for $2 was for 6 months old.
So I had to squeeze my 13 months old son into this tiny, jacket.
He was struggling and crying the whole time saying:  
Daddy what’s wrong with you.
I said,  it’s ok daddy loves you and the Cubs.
After the pictures, I took him right out of it.

When it comes to social media,
it’s fun to know that you can create
a near perfect reality with a click of a button.
And we like that…
But when it comes to real life,
we know that our lives do not work this way.
Yet for many of us, we still have some instagram like tendencies in our lives
        and even in our worship.
We want our worship to look pleasant, more attractive, near perfect.  
        So we decorate it.   We enhance it.   We focus on the external.
But some times, our worship is difficult.  Messy.    
        There’s a struggle in our worship.
        Worship tends rise from places that are broken.

This is what we read in our passage this morning.
[PASSAGE INTRODUCTION]  Our passage is a prayer
that Jonah prays from the belly of a fish.
But this prayer is also a praise of deep worship.

9 But I with the voice of thanksgiving will sacrifice to you;
what I have vowed I will pay. Salvation belongs to the LORD!”

The climax of Jonah’s prayer in found in vs. 9.
Here, we see Jonah praising the Lord with all of his heart.
Genuinely worshipping the Lord with thanksgiving and renewed commitment.
This deep worship is coming from a prophet,
who refused his calling and ran away from the Lord.
This song of worship is coming from a man,
who was thrown overboard into the ocean
and ends up in a stomach of a fish for three days.

The reason why this messy, struggling worship can be pleasing to our God is because,
Because God sees our hearts.
God doesn’t look at the external and demands instagram-worthy worship.
        But He sees our hearts
and He desires our heart of worship.

This morning, I want to ask us:
When the Lord looks into our lives, will He find a heart of worship?
What kind of worship will you offer to the Lord?
If some of our hearts are cold, distant from the Lord,
        How can we gain a heart of worship?  
That’s what will answer today through our passage.
We will look at:
How did Jonah, who was in this condition of utter despair and outright rebellion,
How did he come from that place
to be in a place of worship?
How did Jonah find His heart of worship?

[BILLBOARD MP’S]   This morning, we will look at three steps that Jonah took
to recover his worship to the Lord.
They are: Crying out to God, Turning back to God, and Committing to Worship God.
I. Cry out to God - He will answer you [1-3, 5-6]
II. Turn back to God - He will meet with you [4, 7]
III. Commit to worship God - He gives you His grace [8-10]

But notice that each step of the way,  
it is the Lord, who is answering Jonah,
meeting with Jonah,
and giving grace to endure,
so that Jonah could find his way back to the Lord.  

My prayer for us is that just as Jonah found his heart of worship
We too will find a heart of greater worship as we look into God’s Word today.

[TRANSITION]   First, let’s look at Jonah’s cry to the Lord. I. Cry out to God – He will answer you [VS. 1-3, 5-6]
1   Then Jonah prayed to the LORD his God from the belly of the fish,  
2 saying, “I called out to the LORD, out of my distress, and he answered me;
out of the belly of Sheol I cried, and you heard my voice.
3 For you cast me into the deep, into the heart of the seas,
and the flood surrounded me; all your waves and your billows passed over me.

In our passage,
Jonah is a man -  who is at the end of himself.
Here is a man who is literally sinking
and hitting rock bottom of the ocean floor.
Jonah was in such desperation, almost every verse in his prayer
He makes a reference to how deep, how far - he was in his problems.
Look at these verses with me.

VS. 2 says: Out of the belly of Sheol, I cried …
        Sheol refers to the realm of the dead.
Jonah knew that he was as good as dead.
VS. 3 says: …the flood surrounded me;
VS. 5:  the waters closed in over me to take my life.
        Jonah wasn’t just freefalling into a calm ocean.
Strong ocean currents crashed over him.  Overwhelmed him.        
6  To the roots of the mountains I sank down...
Geologists say that the ocean bottom has mountains.
And the tallest mountain is actually below the sea.
Jonah says in vs. 6, I sank down as low as I can go – to the roots of the ocean mountains.
And VS. 7  .... my life was fainting away….

When you listen to these desperate words,
the terror of drowning and sinking underwater is vivid and real.

I am not sure if you had a near death – drowning experience,
But here, Jonah is representing something all of us have experienced in our lives:
a spiritual condition of falling away,
a spiritual condition of sinking deeper into despair.
Some of us, we are in it right now.
Sinking deeper, falling far away from where you want to be,
where you need to be.  
Maybe this is not true in all places of your life.   But when it comes to…
        The uncertainty of the future.  The direction of your future.
        Or your family situation that may be going from bad to worse.
Maybe it is your relationship with the Lord.
We may be sinking deeper into discouragement and hopelessness.
And Jonah’s physical sinking is picturing that despair.

[SP TRANSITION] But notice Jonah, who was sinking down spiritually and physically,
begins to rise before our eyes.   How does he do that?
1   Then Jonah prayed to the LORD his God from the belly of the fish,  
2   saying, “I called out to the LORD, out of my distress, and he answered me;
      out of the belly of Sheol I cried, and you heard my voice.

VS. 1 - Jonah prayed to the Lord.   His God.
VS. 2 - Jonah called out to the Lord.  He cried out.

As any desperate drowning man would do,
Jonah yelled out & cried out to God:
Help me!         Save me!  
(LOUDEST) My God, do not forsake me!

[ILLUSTRATION] One time, I almost drowned once as a kid,
so I screamed loud as I can to get my dad’s attention.
        “Dad!”  “APPAH!”  “Save Me!”
Sorry to startle you but that’s how drowning person screams out.
And that’s what Jonah is doing.        
(QUIET) My God, Do not let me fall away from you…

As Jonah’s desperate prayers rises to the Lord,
we see Jonah’s faith rising up as well.  
Because the Lord heard his voice.  
The Lord answered Jonah’s prayers.

Throughout the redemptive history,
People have wondered,
“Why there are such powerful results from simply crying out to God.”
We see countless examples of God answering the cries of His people.
Yet the promise of the Scripture is very clear.
God invites us to cry out to Him.
God commands His children to cry out to Him.
Psalm 50:15 says:
“Call upon me in the day of trouble:
I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me”
Here, God promises to answer the cries of His children.
This is what Jonah is banking on as he cries out to the Lord.

For all of us, we can learn a lot from Jonah’s cry.
Jonah says in vs. 2, “I called to the Lord in my distress.”
At this point, Jonah understands well enough that  
his distress, his problem was a direct consequence of his disobedience.
Meaning, Jonah, Himself, is the cause of the his distress.
Jonah knows that it was him that walked away from God,
But Jonah also knows that God does not walk away from him.
Jonah knows that God never, ever refuses the prayers of His children.

This morning, I pray that we too will know this simple truth:
Our Father always hears and answers the cries of His children.  Amen?

1)  Let us cry out to Him desperately.
        This is something we all need to do.
        Crying out is not about the volume, but when you cry out audibly, it sets the tone.
        Korean Churches.   Jooyuhh.  Jooyuh.  Jooyuh.
Japanese Church – Shooyuh. Shooyuh. Shooyuh.

2) Secondly, Let us be quick to cry out to Him.
Whenever we are falling further away from the Lord.
Whenever we are caught in our sins.
Especially when we are hurting and sinking in our pain.
Let us be quick to cry out to Him

3) let us also cry out to God honestly.
Just as Jonah honestly described his situation and his feelsing to the Lord.
We need to talk to God honestly.
Our God, He knows everything about you
He knows everything that you’re going through and what’s going on inside you.
Yet, the Father still wants to talk with you honestly – heart to heart
[ILLUSTRATION]   I heard a pastor sharing a testimony about his 7 year-old daughter,
who was battling cancer and receiving chemo therapy.      
One day, things got very painful and overwhelming for his daughter,
so she began to scream, yell,
and shout out swear words at the doctors and nurses
that he had no idea she knew.
As things got very intense,
the father politely asked the hospital staff to leave the room.
After they left.  
The father embraced his daughter close as he can and said to her,  
Sweetie, I know everything you’re going through.          
I know how tough it is and it breaks my heart.
So when things becomes too hard, too painful,
You speak your heart to me.
You can yell at me.  
You can scream at me.  
Because Daddy can take it.

You and I, we have a Good Heavenly Father.  
Our Father invites us to cry out to Him,
Because He can take it.  
He can take our desperate cries for help.
He can take our cries of disappointment.
Let us cry out to Him.   Honestly.  Earnestly.
That’s the first step we must take in faith.  
Cry out to the Lord.

[MP TRANSITION]   Secondly, in order to find a heart of worship,
we must turn back to the Lord. II. Turn back to God – (FOR) He will meet with you [VS. 4, 7]
4          Then I said, ‘I am driven away from your sight;
          Yet I shall again look upon your holy temple.’
7         When my life was fainting away, I remembered the LORD,
          and my prayer came to you, into your holy temple.

In the beginning of his prayer,
Jonah cried out to the Lord.
In the middle of his prayer in vs. 4-7,
Jonah is now beginning to turn back to the Lord.
It says: Jonah looks again and he remembers the Lord.
Here, both words “look” & “remember” shares  a similar meaning,
which means to  “to think” or “to consider.”
Jonah’s Worship continues to rise as he does two things:
    A. He looks to the temple [VS. 4]
    B.  He Remembers the Lord [VS. 7]

A. Look to the temple [VS. 4]
4  Then I said, ‘I am driven away from your sight;  Yet I shall again look upon your holy temple.’
First, what does it mean to “look to the temple”?
In VS. 4, looking to the temple doesn’t mean that
he’s simply looking in the direction of the Jerusalem temple.
Here, Jonah is saying,
“I will think back.  
I will consider the meaning of the temple.”

The bible tells us that the Old Testament temple
was a meeting place between God and man.
It’s a place where God wants us to know Him and to meet with Him.
At this meeting place,
God required and allowed a sacrifice – a death of an atoning sacrifice.
Because in order for a sinful man to approach the Holy God,
His sins needed to be dealt with.  
His sins needed to be forgiven.  So God makes a way.
In the redemptive history,
God gives us the Old Testament temple - especially sacrificial system -
ultimately to point to Jesus and His forgiving sacrifice on the cross.
So the temple concretely pictures
how God will forgive sinners;
how God will reconcile sinners back to Himself
through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus.

This is what Jonah is holding onto as he looks back in vs. 4.
As he looks to the temple,
The temple tells Jonah that God wants to meet with him.
The temple assures Jonah that
God will forgive his sins.
God will embrace sinners,
who turn back to God in repentance.

[APPLICATION] For some of us, we feel like Jonah in the first part of vs. 4:  (LOOK AT THE VERSE)
“God, it feels like I am out of your sight.
God, it feels like you are distant from me.
Nothing is going right.  You do not care about my life.
I thought you were supposed to guide my life.”
If you are in this place of despair and doubt,
then we must look to our temple – THE CROSS OF JESUS.
Just like Jonah, we must preach to our doubting hearts,
the truth of the gospel,
the facts of the gospel
“No matter where I am; No matter how I feel,”
“I know that God wants to meet with me.”
“I know that it was at the cost of His only son’s life”
“God has forgiven me. He has made me his child.”
Therefore, I am going to consider and trust in the truth of the gospel.
This is how we can look to our temple
Gazing at Jesus Christ and His finished work at the cross.
[TRANSITION]  Secondly, Jonah turns back to the Lord as He remembers the Lord.

B.  Remember the Lord
7         When my life was fainting away, I remembered the LORD,
          and my prayer came to you, into your holy temple.

How does Jonah remember the Lord?
Jonah remembers the Lord
by remembering the Word of God in his prayers.
While offering His prayer,
Jonah actually quotes the Psalms multiple times.
Here, Jonah is allowing God’s Word
to permeate his thoughts,
to fill his mind,
then he prays his prayers through the Word of God.

In Jonah’s prayers, there are at least eight references to various Psalms.  
Let me show you a couple:
1)  Psalms 18:6  In my distress I called upon the LORD;  That’s Jonah 2:2.
                From his temple he heard my voice ... That’s vs. 7
2)  Psalm 42:7 … All your breakers and your  waves have gone over me.  VS. 3.
3) Psalm 31:22         I had said …, “I am cut off from  your sight.”
That’s what we just  read in vs. 4.
4) Psalms 3:8         Salvation belongs to the LORD;
That’s the final sentence of Jonah’s prayer in vs. 9.

We see that the Word of God was absolutely critical in Jonah's spiritual recovery.
It is through this Scripture filled prayer,
Jonah's rebellious heart is softened.    
Jonah’s wondering heart is captured.
This reminds us
the tremendous value of hiding God's Word in our hearts.
Taking in God’s Word
Meditating on the Word through out the day.
Because it is the Word of God that turns our hearts back to God.

[APPLICATION]  This morning, for some of us,
our prayer life need to be revived again.
One of the most powerful ways to do that
        Is to Praying through God’s Word.
As you read His Word, You pray it back to God.
In doing so,
You allow God’s powerful, living, active Words to breathe life in your prayers.
If you want to pray through the Scripture,
Psalm is a very good portion of the Scripture to do that.

For those of us that are disappointed and discontent,  
We need pray through the Words of Psalm 42…
“Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
  Put your hope in God: for I shall yet praise him …”
As the psalmist says, we need to honestly examine
and question the disappointments of our hearts
that are preventing us fully worshipping the Lord.  
We need to let the Word of God speak into our hearts.
Guide our hearts.  Strengthening our hearts.  
So that we can hope in God.

For all us that are struggling on an ongoing sin or some addictions in our lives,
        We can pray through Psalm 51.
        Have mercy on o God.
        I have sinned and done what is evil in your sight.
        But do not cast me from your presence.  
Create in me a clean heart.
So that I can see you.  
And Worship you with a renewed spirit.

[TRANSITION]  Finally for the last point,
a renewed worship takes place,
as we commit to worship God
III.  Commit to worship God – He will gives you His Grace [VS. 8-10]
8          Those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope of steadfast love.
9          But I with the voice of thanksgiving will sacrifice to you;
         what I have vowed I will pay. Salvation belongs to the LORD!”
10           And the LORD spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah out upon the dry land.
Jonah prays in vs. 9,  
“With the voice of thanksgiving, I will sacrifice to you.”
“I will pay my vows to you.”
Do you see where Jonah has gone?
In his prayer, Jonah has gone from crying out
to turning back,
and now committing to worship God.
Jonah knows that true worship requires a change in worship.  
Because our hearts are constantly wandering away from the Lord,
        True worship takes place,
when we commit to turn away from our idols,
we redirect our worship to the One True God.

So Jonah redirects His worship, in vs. 8,
I will not worship the false gods, the hollow gods, in my life
and in doing so forsake the steadfast love of God.
NIV says,
        “Those who cling to worthless idols
forfeit the grace that could be theirs.
Here, the Hebrew word for “grace” or “the steadfast love” is the word “chesed”
which encompasses all of God’s faithful, committed, love,  mercy, and grace.

Up to this point, Jonah knew about God’s grace.
As a prophet, he has preached about God’s grace before.
But now that he has finally experienced
God’s faithful, committed grace for himself,
He doesn’t want to trade it for anything.
He knows now, God’s grace is too good to be true.  
God’s grace that pursues you no matter how far you run away.
God’s grace that can reach you no matter how low you sink.

Jonah says, I have experienced it.
I will not forsake His grace.
I will not abuse God’s grace in my disobedience.
Because of God’s pursuing grace,
I will worship the Lord!

As Jonah makes this commitment to worship God in vs. 9,
Notice that Jonah is not out of the fish yet.  
He is not out of his deep troubles.
But Jonah does not pray:
“God, if you bring me to the dry land safely,
THEN I will do anything you ask.”
Here, Jonah prays and commits to worship before the outcome.
        “Lord, no matter what comes my way,
even if I don’t get out,  I will worship you.

This Morning, I believe that as we commit to give Jesus
“no matter what”, “even if” worship,
our heart of worship can be found.
No matter what you’re going through.
Even if the situation or the circumstance of your life may not change,
As we commit to make the current place of your life to be His sanctuary.

As we end, I want to end with this one question:
        How does Jesus respond to our imperfect attempts of worship?
When we fail to worship Christ,
how does Jesus respond to us?
As we cry out to Him.
As we come back to Him again and again.
With our failures.  With our struggling hearts.
How does Jesus respond to us?

[ILLUSTRATION] Picture of Jesus.
This is an interpretation of the passage, where Peter walks on water.
If you recall, Peter took steps of faith on water and walk towards Jesus.
But when he saw the strong wind and waves,
he became afraid, and he began to sink.  
So he cried
“Lord, save me!”  
Jesus immediately rescues him and tells him:
        “You of little faith.  Why did you doubt?”
But as He said those words, what face did he show Peter?
        Was he annoyed?  
        Was he disappointed?
        How did Jesus respond to Peter?
This painter paints a picture of Jesus, smiling.
        Accepting.  Welcoming.  Inviting Peter to try again.
        To have faith again.
I believe this is how Jesus deals with our faltering worship.
        He unconditionally accepts us.   Yet He corrects us.   He invites us to try again.
        To have faith again.

[VIDEO]  Isaiah Walking.
I began talking about Instagram.  
Let me share with you a video that never made it to my instagram account.
My firstborn.  Had us worried.  Didn’t crawl much.   Never stood up.  
Isaiah 18 months.    A day after.  Of course he stood up.   But he began to walk.
This is the video of him taking his first steps.
Of course after this short walk.
        He fell.  He faltered. But I was so proud of my boy.  
        I was so delighted to see him make progress.
It never made up to an instagram.
I watched this video on my Iphone like 50 times.  
I admit that it was a bit too much.  But I couldn’t help but to watch it.
Because I believe that’s what it means to have a Father’s heart.
        He delights in the steps of his children.  
Steps of faith that we take towards Him.
Our Father delights in our imperfect attempts of worship.
        Because Christian life is never about perfection but progression.

So this morning,
        I am not sure where we are in our worship,
        But Let us commit to worship Jesus more.  
Let us cry out to Jesus again and again,
Let us turn back to the One,
who can give us a new heart,  a renewed heart.
so that can love Him more.
Let’s pray together.

God’s grace never stops pursuing us.
His Grace faithfully pursues us until we are found,
Gives a sight to see Jesus once again.

For those of us, who know the Grace of the Gospel,
who have experienced the Grace of Jesus,
We must point others to Jesus.
We must share the reason for our worship with others.

As we commit to worship the Lord personally,
Let us commit to grow worship one another’s worship
Let us encourage and challenge one another in New Life Korean Church to worship Jesus.

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